Tahmeenah Khan

My driving journey was somewhat long and eventful. I took my first ever test in my hometown Manchester where I used a well-known driving school, I very quickly realised my instructor wasn’t supportive and would send me random YouTube links to watch and learn from instead of explaining or showing me himself. I personally didn’t feel this was the way I could learn as I didn’t always receive the practical lesson. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and I remember the lack of compassion and support from my first instructor when he said “I don’t think you’re ready for this test but you’re just going to have to do it anyway” this played a huge role in me not feeling confident when taking my test and in turn failing. I then moved to Lincolnshire for work where I discovered Simon, he had so many positive reviews so I took my chances. I had to restart my driving journey as Simon noticed I was unaware of a lot of the basics. I was also able to open up about my mental health and how it affects my driving. Simon would have a new idea to help me every week, in order to figure out which method works best for me. We soon learnt that driving and commentating out loud on my driving was a good way to prevent me from thinking and feeling nervous/anxious. I gave this a try during my test and it worked. I was able to focus on my driving and passed my test. I am beyond grateful to Simon for helping me figure out a method to become a confident driver. It has been a pleasure to learn to drive with Simon while having a laugh and a joke! Thank you once again Simon!